How to Fix Mcafee Antivirus Plus Installation Error? total protection

Problems while Mcafee Antivirus Plus Installation

The McAfee Antivirus Plus installation error has occurred when users are trying to install a McAfee Windows Security Suite and as a result the installation fails to complete its steps. Next, the installer will display a message with the red banner that is 'Unable to keep the installation' or 'We are having trouble installing Mcafee software'.

 Also one may come across an error messages which will be shown as “Something went wrong with the installation”. But there is nothing much to be worried about as our technician team of professional experts have found the ways to Fix McAfee Error .

Solutions to Fix Mcafee Antivirus Plus Installation Error

Solution 1: Run the McAfee Pre-Install utility

1.Here, first thing which users need to do is simply to click on ‘Done’ icon. Then user need to close the dialog box.

2.Now, download one of the “Pre-InstallTool” zip files. Save it to the desktop.

3.Then double-click to open the zip file in order to copy the“Pre-Install_Tool.exe’ file to the desktop folder on your PC.

4.Double-click on the ‘Pre-Install_Tool.exe’ file. After that follow all the instructions carefully.

5.Finally, you needs to wait at-least for few second to complete the process then try to install the McAfee product again carefully.


Solution 2: Run the McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT)

1.Open and get access to the internet web browser.

2.Now, hit on the “Download and Run’ After that follow all the given prompts to easily run all the MVT features.

3.Now, wait for the process to complete its task and then try installing the McAfee product again.

4.If still you error is not resolved then, proceed to the next alternative solution.


Solution 3: Re-download the McAfee installation software package after the execution of Removal Tool

1.Make use of different web browser.Carefully, download the “Removal tool”.

2.Now, run the tool and then, execute a reboot process when you are prompted to do so.

3.Try to use different web browser to easily download the McAfee Windows Security Suite installation package again.

4.Finally, try to install the Mcafee Software by using the newly downloaded package.