How to Solve the Problems Activating McAfee Subscription ? total protection

What’s the Problem?

People complained that they are unable to redeem & activate their McAfee software products using a retail card, or with a CD. For instance, when they attempt to install it from a CD or redeem a retail card, one of the following issues may appear in front of them during mcafee product activation:

1.The website you visit contains no option to redeem your Mcafee retail card.

2.You have entered a McAfee Product Key that does not correspond to the country & language you belongs.

3.Invalid Mcafee Activation Key.

4.Your Activation Key already in use.

5.Sorry for the inconvenience, but it looks like the store from where you got the card forgot to activate your retail Request the shop keeper to activate it, and then try again.

6.Issues of activating Mcafee from a CD.

Here are some Problems with their Solutions :

Problem: There is no option to redeem your Mcafee retail card at the website you went to.

Solution: You entered the wrong website URL to redeem your retail card. Check the mcafee retail card again for the correct URL.

Problem: You’ve entered a product key that does not correspond to the country and language you entered.

Solution: Use the language drop-down list in the form of the website to select the country and language that match what is given on the retail card you purchased.

Problem: Invalid Product Code

Solution: You might have entered the product key incorrectly. Try typing the key again. If you still see the Invalid Product Code error, contact Technical Support for help.

Problem: Activation Key already in use

Solution: If you are installing your McAfee products to a second PC using the same retail card, this problem displays and the installation fails. Install to your second, and any subsequent devices, from the web using the steps in the article.

Problem: Sorry, but it looks like the shop you got the retail card from, forgot to activate your retail card. Ask the shop to activate it. Then try again.

Solution: This problem occurs when the shop where you bought your Mcafee retail card did not correctly activate the card. You must return to the shop and have them activate the that card for you.

Problem: Problems for activating from a CD


1.Put the CD in your system Product installation begins automatically.

2.Follow the on-screen instructions to install your McAfee software

3.Now, Right-click the McAfee icon on your taskbar and click on Activate now.

4.Enter the CD Key and click on Activate. ’Mcafee Activation Successful’ message displays.

If this process fails, download and run the McAfee Virtual Technician:

To start, visit the McAfee Consumer Support home page, and search for McAfee Virtual Technician section: