How to Solve the Problems in Activating McAfee ? total protection

Problem Description:

If you purchase a McAfee Product from retail store such as Staples, Walmart, Dixons, Best Buy you will most likely have a card and not a box with a CD in it. This retail card need to be redeemed to download and install and activate your McAfee subscription.

When you try to activate the McAfee software product, the activation window continuously showing that McAfee is trying to connect. The window cannot be closed and the activation process does not complete.

How to solve the problems of activating McAfee?

1.Uninstall the non-activated or not working McAfee from the customer’s computer.

2.Install McAfee on a different system (it install and activated successfully, creating a McAfee account in the process)

3.Customer should Uninstall McAfee from that computer.

4.Went back to the customer’s computer, opened browser, logged in to the McAfee account and check.

5.Choose option to re-download/reinstall Mcafee software, and copied the serial number.

6.Used the downloaded installer and the serial number and installation completed and activated without any problem.

It seems that while using serial numbers, the activation process (potentially) has been made locally, not online. “Know” is a valid product for installer because the serial number is valid and it is clearly active without trying to reach McAfee. Hurray!

Those without an extra computer can do it in another way. Log in to a McAfee account or sign up to create one, register the product online, get the serial number and download the installer. Same outcome.

Below process is only for CD/DVD installations.

1. Visit
2. Now, enter your 25 Digit product key
3. Also, enter the email ID and create password if asked. Refer password policy.
4. Choose to create a new subscription if given an option.
5. Download the subdbfix.exe file from given links.
a. SubDBFix.exe for Windows 7, 8,8.1 and 10
b. subdbfix.exe for Windows XP.
6. Run the file ‘subdbfix.exe’. Enter the user name and password.
7. Choose the subscription with the expiry date exactly 1year from today and click on next. (if activated before 1 pm 1 day less than 1 year from today).
8. Prevent to click on restart. Now, right click on the McAfee Icon in the notification tray. Then select the option Verify subscription. Once the Verification is complete you can check your mcafee account in your subscription.