How to Solve the Problems After McAfee Update ? total protection

What is this Problem?

After installing mcafee updates, some home users started encountering errors when accessing the McAfee Security Center console or Problems After McAfee Update, which prevented them from doing any action inside the program. Other users experienced a loss of Internet connectivity on their systems.
A procedure for users who lose Internet connectivity on their computer, downloading an updated version of the product from McAfee’s website and restoring the computer, rebooting the computer and adding other tools.The other solution described automatic and manual methods of updating mcafee.


1.Your WiFi connection problem.

2.After the update, McAfee cannot connect to the internet.

3.Your McAfee LiveSafe blocking the internet.

4.McAfee says that there is no internet connection.

5.After doing recent updates McAfee blocking internet Windows.

6.McAfee software problems with Windows 10.

All of the aforementioned problems can be found in the Windows 10 after updating the McAfee package. These problems are very common and resolvable, you can try to follow some common troubleshooting on your own if you face one.

How to fix the problems after mcafee update Internet Not Working:

Try to reset Internet Connection:

1.Firstly, you need to press Windows key + R altogether in order to open the Run dialog box.

2.Type cmd in the search box and then click on Ok, which will open the command prompt window.

3.Now type “ipconfig/release” at the command prompt window, where the cursor is blinking and then click on enter.

4.After the previous step stops running then you haveto type “ipconfig/renew” in the command prompt window again and hit enter.

The above procedure will reset your Network connection. Now, you can try to connect to the internet. If you are still facing the same problem then try contacting McAfee customer Support or try another method to resolve the problem.