How to Solve the Problems Downloading McAfee? total protection

What's this Problem ?

You may have trouble while downloading McAfee Internet Security Suite – if temporary internet files and cookies are damaged or if you already have any other antivirus software installed on your system. Listed below are different solutions to Problems Downloading McAfee.

Following Problems May Occur :

Problem 1:  “Download cannot continue–No internet connection”

Problem 2: “Unable to continue installation – Error 0”

Solutions to solve the problems of downloading McAfee:

Solution For Problem 1:

This error or problem indicates a network problem. This can cause your mcafee product download to disconnect or fail.

If you see this on your computer screen:

1.Wait a few minutes.

2. Try the download again.

3. If you still have a issue:

None of the above assist you then you can run McAfee Virtual Technician:
If you still see the problem, contact Our Technical Support Team.

Solution For Problem 2:

This issue shows a problem where the McAfee installer was not able to download a required file to complete the installation.

If you see this on your computer screen:

1. Wait a few minutes.

2. Try the download again.

3. If you still have a problem:

         A. Try to install your product again.

       B. If download still fails, or you see more problems, contact Our Technical Support for assistance.

If you continue to experience this problem after trying with a new web browser, you are unable to download MVT, or you have other problems while installing your McAfee software, contact Our Technical Support for additional assistance and support: