How to Solve the Problems Installing McAfee Antivirus ? total protection

What's this Problem ?

Most of the time while installing the McAfee Security product on windows, it failed and shows like- “We are facing a difficulty in installing McAfee”. McAfee Installation may shows numerous problems like Windows keeps running in effectively and reacts slowly to mouse, keyboard or another input device, etc.

Different problems while Installing McAfee Antivirus

Due to some reasons this problem can be created on your computer.

1.Corruption in Windows registry from a recent McAfee Antivirus-related software change (Mcafee install or uninstall).

2.Virus and Malware may infect your computer because of the malware window shows the problem in installing the McAfee software.

3.Incomplete installation or corrupt download may show this.

4.Some antivirus program has been deleted or misplaced by mistake from your PC which has McAfee products.

How to solve the problem while Installing McAfee Antivirus ?

Try following the given steps and try installing the McAfee product.

1.Firstly, click on Start -> All Programs

2.Now, search for Windows update and Click on it

3.Check whether you have any updates to install, if so install all the required or possible windows updates.

4.Restart the PC for every successful update.

5.Once all the updates are installed try the given.

        A. Click on the given removal Tool link which removes McAfee Traces :

           Restart the system once the removal is complete.

       B.Click on the given link which deletes the Temporary files, cookies etc.,

      C. Check your PC whether you have any other security apart from McAfee. Check the given locations.

Click on Start – > Control panel – > Add/Remove Programs

Look for Other security programs like Norton, Symantec on your computer.

If you have any above programs, uninstall the programs.

Also Check the Other security Program traces in the given Locations:

a) C:\Program Files

b) C:\Program Files\Common Files

Try to install the McAfee product after performing the above steps.

If you still experience problem after following these steps, contact Technical Support.