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What are the Different McAfee Services ?

Security skills to maximize your security investment 

Mcafee Services delivers conceptual guidance and expert assistance to help ensure that information, policies and tools are met to meet your global security needs. When you work with our security experts, you get the right mix of services to maximize visibility in your overall security performance and to get the most out of your security investment. 

Solution Service 

The mcafee Solutions Services team can help ensure that your mcafee solution is set up, integrated, evaluated and optimized. We will provide you with the necessary guidance to automate your safety process, policies and procedures so that you know that your network is safe, we can develop a program that works for your business, even if your needs are simple or complex. 

Education service 

Make sure your safety professionals remain sharp and well known with mcafee Education Services. We will deliver on-site, online or custom training how effectively your team deploys and manage mcafee Solutions, protects and corrects security threats. 

Foundstone Services 

Depend on the elite team of Founder Foundation Services to combat emerging threats and to protect your business's critical data assets. We will work with you to discover, respond, identify holes in your system, and strengthen your overall security status in any event. 

We may be your trustworthy partner to measure a success with metrics or to build a solid security infrastructure that first responds to you when something goes wrong. We've all done it for all types of organizations in all industries.  

Managed security service 

Maximize your security team with expert help from mcafee's Security Services. Our advisers examine the best security-management and security systems and devices, no matter which products you are using. Your Outsourcing Services and Safety Experts Recognize Your Network Interval and Potential Risks for Increasing Your Safety Debut. 

XML Firewall Threat Prevention
  • XML limit checking, SQL injection, DTD checking, XPath injection, forbidden RegEx scan, malformed XML attack, XSS protection,etc
  • Adaptive denial-of-service protection and throttling
  • Anti-virus protection using ICAP
  • Enhanced content attack prevention for REST services (query parameters, headers, request methods)
Data Security
  • Data validation, schema validation, WSDL validation, SOAP filtering
  • Supports customizable data security
Management and Monitoring
  • Cluster support allows a group of appliances to be managed and monitored simultaneously
  • Eclipse-based Intel service and policy designer with pre-built templates
  • Management through command line and SNMP and integrates with HP* OpenView, Microsoft* MOM
  • Automated policy migration: supports policy deployment and dependency resolution across development, test, and production network environments.
Mcafee Customer Services

McAfee Customer Service is dedicated to providing solutions to customer issues in a timely manner. Customer Service handles product licensing, activation, support contract questions, and updates to customer database records.

Corporate Customer Services

Our goal is to make it easy for you to do business! Whether this is your first purchase with us or you are an existing customer adding new cloud based solutions to your portfolio—we are here to help you in making the most of your security investment and your relation with us.

Chat Services
  • Call free internationally
  • Call without using minutes
  • Pro tips for your exact problem
  • Get more attention to your issue
Advanced Programs Group

Get the most out of the most malicious, sophisticated threats, including expert services in the Advanced Program Group mcafee Advanced Program Group. mcafee Global Threat Intelligence, which we have experienced with intelligent professionals, collects intelligence from the private cloud, delivers actionable intelligence to develop threats, trends and vactors. One-serve as a threat-and you'll be able to stay protected by keeping your business consistently - then it does not matter where the next threat comes from.